What that advert needs is a good moustaching.

the formula

title stacheStock Your Arsenaltitle stache

All Stickers are cut from 2.7mil black outdoor vinyl. Just peel and Stick! *Designers Note: if you have access to a plotter you can download the vectors pdf here or ai here and get right to 'stachin!

the bolton
The Bolton
the cheech
The Cheech
the fu
The F.U.
the bars
The Bars
the Dali
The Dali
the groucho
The Groucho
the patrol
The Patrol
the Fancy
The Fancy
the Waters
The Waters
*As of June 2009, all of the paltry funds generated from this crappy website will be going towards various micro-loans for global entrepreneurs.


title stacheA Call to Actiontitle stache

Join us in transforming mundane, un-interesting marketing messages into moustached works of awesome-ness. Get some moustaches, go wild then upload your handy-work on the wall of awesome (got haxored - disabled cause I'm lazy)!


title stacheThe Moustache Codetitle stache

First Rule of the Moustache...

We do not officially endorse property damage and we hate the word vandalism (ew!).

The moustaches available here are simple vinyl stickers and are therefore semi-permanent fixtures.

Do with them what you will but note that we disavow all connections to you and your actions.



All shipping is done through the United States Postal Service. We charge $1.50 USD domestic and $4 USD international. We usually ship within 2 days of purchase but please note that shipping could take up to a week after purchase.

Who Are We?

We are upper lip vigilantes with a world vision of peace and moustaches for all.

Serious Moustachers

If you have plans to take your moustaching seriously and go for the gold, let us know.

We can make custom nose-manes in any size and/or style and ship them to you so you can get down to business.

Highway Billboards anyone?

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